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I was born amid the rugged beauty of Southern Utah to a lineage of Mormon pioneers and Scottish cattle ranchers.


I was born amid the rugged beauty of Southern Utah to a lineage of Mormon pioneers and Scottish cattle ranchers. My early life was marked by constant instability and trauma that shaped my formative years. My anger and adversity led me to deep self inquiry fueling my desire for personal change.


I figure it’s this resilience that allows me to reinvent my life and career…at 65

I’ve had many incarnations in this life but most felt like wearing someone else’s shoes.

During the analog age, I pursued commercial photography. With the advent of digital imaging, I became adept at Photoshop as part of the commercial, creative process and developed a robust client base producing images for fashion editorial publications, advertising and major retailers.

Even while remaining active, the sedentary nature of desk work wrecked my body. My solution and healing came from discovering Bikram yoga, the gateway drug for many. My exploration of yoga deepened, encompassing various modes of asana, both ancient and modern.

Yoga not only reversed the effects of prolonged sitting, it also became a process for psychological healing and deep introspection.


The conscious, directed movement, along with intentional breathing, allowed me to become cognizant how detrimental behaviors were the result of long ignored depression caused by suppressed emotions of deep sorrow, anger and even joy.


These negative thought processes were dictating the framework of my development. 

I began studying the work of thought pioneers like Arnold Mindel, Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, and Peter Levine which further enlightened me on the power of conscious movement, breath, and intention for facilitating healing and addressing trauma.

As a yoga teacher, I extend this transformative experience. My philosophy is rooted in the engagement of one's exteroception and interoception, manipulation of energy through muscle contraction and release, and the understanding of how conscious muscle control can reveal our individual patterns and physical reactions to stress.


Intentional movement practices such as movement dynamics, calisthenics and body weight training can be a cathartic, powerful healing tool.


 I can show you how 🤍

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