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The Yoga Gent is an online men's fitness and lifestyle platform dedicated to creating strength, flexibility and balance through yoga. It’s a combination of strength training, a movement practice, calisthenics, and HIIT incorporated into yoga sequences. We teach breathing and meditation techniques that support the practice. The benefits include functional movement plus muscle, flexibility, balance, and coordination. 


We believe that age is not a detriment towards continued vitality nor a cap on the ability to be strong, flexible and vibrant.


We seek the latest technologies as tools to improve ourselves through quantification, metrics, and feedback through embedded platforms and haptics.


The Yoga Gent is dedicated to offer and explore the latest information on diet without dogma. 


We are proponents of Plant and Earth techs to explore and expand consciousness and become more aware human beings.


It is our intention to hold space for one another on our personal journey to our higher self. We will do this through forming an online community with guided discussions, lectures, town hall style meetings and classes.

There is a deep need for men of honesty, wisdom and kindness. Amplified by the pandemic, we have recognized our inherent need to deeply connect and foster community. We are more aware that our power lies in the ability to be simultaneously vulnerable and stoic.   

We Are

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