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Why You Need Native Instruments – Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition v1.01

Why You Need Native Instruments â Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01

If you are looking for the ultimate collection of sounds, instruments and effects for music production, look no further than Native Instruments â Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01. This software suite is the most comprehensive and versatile package ever offered by Native Instruments, containing over 150 products, more than 90,000 sounds and over 650 GB of content[^1^]. Whether you are a professional producer, composer, sound designer or hobbyist, you will find everything you need to create any genre of music, from orchestral to electronic, from cinematic to experimental.

In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the highlights and features of Native Instruments â Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01, and show you why it is worth every penny.

Native Instruments – Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition v1.01

What's New in Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01?

Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01 is the latest update of the flagship software suite from Native Instruments, which includes several new additions and improvements. Some of the new features are:

  • MASSIVE X: The successor of the legendary wavetable synthesizer MASSIVE, MASSIVE X is a powerful and versatile instrument that offers a new sound engine, new oscillators, new filters, new effects and new modulation options. MASSIVE X can create anything from rich analog sounds to cutting-edge digital timbres, with a stunning visual interface that lets you see and shape your sound in real time.

  • KONTAKT 6: The industry-standard sampler and sound engine, KONTAKT 6 introduces several new features and enhancements, such as the Creator Tools app for building and editing instruments, the Wavetable module for creating hybrid sounds, the Effects section for adding studio-quality effects to your instruments, and the Library section for browsing and managing your sounds.

  • SYMPHONY SERIES â COLLECTION: A complete orchestral library that covers all the essential instruments and articulations for cinematic scoring. SYMPHONY SERIES â COLLECTION includes six products: STRING ENSEMBLE, BRASS SOLO, BRASS ENSEMBLE, WOODWIND SOLO, WOODWIND ENSEMBLE and PERCUSSION. Each product offers a rich and detailed sound, with realistic expression and performance controls.

  • 50 Expansions: Expansions are genre-specific packs that contain additional content for a wide range of Native Instruments products[^2^]. Expansions include presets, samples, loops, kits and projects that are tailored for specific styles of music, such as hip hop, techno, house, trap, ambient and more. Expansions can be used with products like MASSIVE X, REAKTOR 6, KONTAKT 6, BATTERY 4 and MASCHINE.

What Else is Included in Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01?

Besides the new features mentioned above, Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectorâs Edition v1.01 also includes many other products that cover a wide range of sounds and effects. Some of them are:

  • REAKTOR 6: A modular software environment that lets you create your own instruments and effects from scratch or use one of the thousands of user-made ensembles available online.

  • ABSYNTH 5: A semi-modular synthesizer that combines subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, wavetable synthesis and granular synthesis to create complex and evolving sounds.

  • FM8: A modern take on the classic FM synthesis technique that offers a flexible sound engine with powerful modulation options and a wide range of presets.

  • MONARK: A faithful emulation of the iconic analog monosynth that delivers warm and fat basses, leads and sequences.

  • GUITAR RIG 6 PRO: A comprehensive guitar and bass amp simulator that offers a huge collection of amps, cabinets, effects and studio tools.

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