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Little Mix - Little Me

Isaac Mace-Tessler of Pop Scoop gave the song a very positive review, saying "'Little Me' has a strong message of inspiration and liberation, all about the girls' present selves telling their younger, little selves not to worry and to 'speak up, shout out, be a bit prouder' and believe that they are already 'beautiful, wonderful'. The track thus follows and holds its own in the grand tradition of R&B empowerment ballads such as Sugababes' "Ugly", Destiny's Child's "Survivor" and Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". The song's music video further underlines its heartfelt meaning: shot in earnest B&W, the girls emotively sing in an abandoned warehouse, interspersed with girls and women talking about their hopes, dreams and insecurities."[4]

Little Mix - Little Me



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