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Luigi Mansion 2 3ds Rom !!EXCLUSIVE!!

mario and luigi are next seen in a room with a christmas tree. they are now in the final boss battle with king boo. king boo's head is a baby dry bones and they fight king boo. after a lengthy battle, the baby dry bones are sucked up into a poltergust. after sucking in king boo, e. gadd places king boo's portrait on the table and e. gadd places luigi on the poltergust. e. gadd then uses the poltergust to suck in king boo's portrait. the portal opens and king boo is sucked in. luigi enters the portal and king boo is sucked into the portrait and the portal closes. bowser then appears and attacks luigi. once bowser has luigi, he wraps him in a hook and throws him into the ocean. luigi is then washed ashore and lands in the desert. mario then appears and the battle begins.

luigi mansion 2 3ds rom

the second game in the series, luigi's mansion 2, was released for the nintendo gamecube and other systems on september 15, 2002. the game was developed by team ninja and published by nintendo for the gamecube, game boy advance, nintendo ds, and the wii. it was released in north america on march 21, 2004, and in europe on march 27, 2004. the game was developed to be a direct sequel to the original luigi's mansion instead of the paper mario spinoff. luigi must find the missing pieces of the dark moon to cure the gloomy manors and restore the universe to its proper condition.

this game continues luigi's return to evershade valley to visit his old house after 10 years. luigi arrives at evershade valley and is welcomed by e. gadd, the first ghost luigi faces. e. gadd explains that he is responsible for the gloomy manors and that he will only go away if luigi completes the dark moon. gadd gives luigi a list of houses in evershade valley and tells him to go and find the missing pieces of the dark moon. at that moment, the house luigi is in collapses and e. gadd warns him that he is going to be teleported into one of the gloomy manors. luigi runs away and teleports into the haunted tower.


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