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My own work-from-home career started when I was already in the house on maternity leave. My steady job disappeared while I was away and a little extra money earned here and there while my son slept built up slowly into a profitable business. I now find myself working from home full time, sometimes in my pyjamas, while my son is at preschool or being cared for by others, and let me tell you, while it has some benefits, working from home isn't the panacea I thought it would be. For one thing, WFH mom guilt is every bit as insidious as working mom guilt.

working from home mom

The main reason I feel so guilty for working when I could be parenting is that my child is right there. I know when he is misbehaving in another room and boy do I want to intervene. But I am supposed to be at work, so I try as hard as I can to resist the urge. However, this dereliction of maternal duty often makes me feel terrible.

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One of the more popular jobs for stay-at-home moms and dads, data entry jobs can be highly flexible roles that allow you to manage your daily routine with your children by working while they sleep or are at school. Employers hiring for data entry jobs often require strong keyboarding skills and sharp attention to detail, which are skills that many parents already have.

Transcription jobs for stay-at-home parents are available with remote, part-time, and flexible schedule options. Common tasks of a transcriptionist include transcribing audio or written content, reviewing reports, and correcting errors. Most jobs will require the ability to type 75 WPM or more.

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to an individual or team. Handling email and social media, maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings and travel, planning events, and researching may be some of your tasks. Virtual assistant jobs are done 100% from home and can be found on a part-time or full-time basis.

Digital and visual designers can find great roles that allow the job to be done completely from home and often on a flexible schedule. In a graphic design career, you might create logos or ads, help design the look and feel of a website, or create signage, leaflets, or other informational materials. (learn more about becoming a graphic designer)

Many stay-at-home parents work diligently on their own fitness to stay in shape. Why not use those skills and share them with others? Remote roles in fitness and mental health can be an ideal way to help others live a healthier lifestyle while keeping your own health journey on track.

Web designers create the visuals of a website, designing navigational elements, creating graphics, choosing fonts and colors, and using HTML code. Typically previous experience or a portfolio are required. Web designers can often work from home and can find freelance and flexible schedule roles.

I think this is a good article and il will help as a starting point for those like me are looking for options on how to help in the household. Due to the recent situation a lot of us are struggling on finding a way to support working from home. In my case i am an Interior Designer, and there is a lot of things that i can do from home; things take time, do not think this is a magical way to make money, what i can say is research on the company you choose to work from home, there are a lot of scams around.

Good afternoon. I would like to give this a try as am currently going under pressure fitting in with work and my child development. Apart from that there is absolutely little r no time at all to get other personal business done. I would like to know now I can get started in any of the following and what requirements will I need to get my daily task complete. So these are my area of interest, blogger, virtual assistant, accounting clerk or a travel consultant.

These ideas for housewives and stay at home moms are really wonderful and useful.Notably, there are many new female bloggers are rising in the past few years, because they are educated and have more leisure times. Really good idea and it's really useful for a woman

If you don't mind me asking, what did you decide to teach, and what were the requirements?I'm thinking about working from home, my husband's income will just barely work alone but i have yet to finish my B.A in communications

I have two small children and found going to a workplace full time was incredibly difficult alongside meeting the children's needs (and paying for childcare!). It was very scary leaving a place of security and heading towards the unknown of being self-employed and working from home. I believed in myself and took the plunge to teach online for an established company. It was the best decision. The job is fun and energising and I fit it when my kids are at school. My children are happy and calm and I'm not worried about finances.

This is a great list. When people are searching from jobs that will allow them to work from home, they often have not clue what to search for on jobs sites other than "work at home." This is an excellent list of search terms, as well as to give ideas for areas in which to seek further training if needed so that working from home can be a possibility.

Great article. Love your content. One of the biggest mistake I see in working from home is the lack of work hours scheduling. Once that is fixed, working at home and being productive usually works much better for my friends/clients. Bravo!

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL When I left teaching and decided to turn my part-time job into a full-time design business, I was really naive as to how working from home would play out. (And completely clueless to the fact that raising a two-year old was a totally different ball game than caring for a newborn.)

DOUBLE THE JOY, DOUBLE THE STRUGGLE Thankfully we have an amazing babysitter who happens to be a close family friend where Gemma goes three days a week. Still, working from home is a 6-day a week gig for me at the moment, so the lines of home and work are pretty blurry most days.

So far, in my over eight years as a mom, I've been a full-time working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and now, a work-from-home mom. Each work situation definitely has its pros and cons, and I'm not really sure which route I would choose if I could go back and do it all over again. But what I do know, for certain, is that as a work-from-home mom, I've never felt more alone. The isolation is simply overwhelming, and I had no idea it would be like this.

So, I assumed working from home would be the best of both worlds. I get to be here for all of my baby's firsts, I can be the one to take him to his appointments, and I get baby snuggles whenever I want or need them, especially when it's difficult to get through the day. I am home when my older kids leave for school, and home when they return. I do have to occasionally deal with poop blow-outs in the middle of business meetings, and having to meet deadlines with a baby crawling all over me, but it's pretty amazing to work in my pajamas or yoga pants every day.

That said, I totally didn't expect working from home to be so isolating, especially considering that I have five kids to care for. My family is loud, intense, fun, chaotic, and full of energy. I love them, and I am literally never alone. Someone is always touching me, asking for something, or expecting me to help. And that's totally part of "my job" as a parent. But when it comes to my needs as an adult, including my innate want to interact with other adults, make friends, and maintain those friendships, it's seems pretty impossible for me to feel like myself.

I think part of the problem is that while working from home is the best of both worlds, it also has the drawbacks of both working outside of the home and staying home with your kids. Between two jobs and a consulting business, I work some hours during the day, and some early mornings, evenings, and weekends. So, when it comes to making plans with my working friends, it's difficult to carve out time in an otherwise swamped schedule. At the same time, I can't always go to daytime playdates, story hour, or mommy and me yoga classes with my stay-at-home parent friends, because I have deadlines and work obligations, too.

To make things even more difficult, when I do try to go out with my baby I never know how things are going to go. When my other kids were little, I could always drop them at child-watch at the gym and get a work out. But, because my 10-month-old son has been home with me pretty much every day of his life, taking him to child-watch is a crap shoot. Will he cry? Will they pull me out of class to rescue him? Will he play happily? It's so stressful. Same goes for trips to the store, car rides, and pretty much any time I am not in view.

As a result I have developed a bit of social anxiety. Like, I am not sure how to talk to other adults anymore. I sometimes go days without leaving my house for anything other than work or to pick my son up from preschool, and when I do, I'm afraid that I will make a total ass out of myself. As an extrovert, I need people, but as a work-from-home mom I fear social blunders so much that I don't meet that need on a regular basis.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that working from home has made me somewhat of a recluse. When given an opportunity to stay at home in my pajamas, and not put on a bra, I take it and choose my comfort zone every damn time. So, even when I don't have work deadlines, can find an affordable babysitter, or my husband offers to watch the kids so I can have some me time, I often would rather stay home, even if it means skipping going to Target by myself (which totally used to be one of my favorite things).


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